The MagPi Magazine 40 – Dezember, 2015 (englisch)



The MagPi Magazine 40 – Dezember, 2015 (englisch)
  • Das offizielle Raspberry Pi Magazin (englisch)
  • Autor: Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • Lizenz: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The MagPi, Ausgabe: Dezember, 2015

  • Get started with the Sense HAT
    Find out how you can join in with the Sense HAT and join in with the Astro Pi mission at home
  • Massive Astro Pi special feature!
    The Raspberry Pi is en route to the International Space station. Here’s your chance to learn more about this exciting mission.
  • Set up your FREE Raspberry Pi Zero
    Find out what you need and how to set up your new $5 computer! You can buy a cable bundle for £4 from the Swag Store or get them free if yousubscribe to The MagPi while #40 is on sale!
  • Introducing the tiny $5 Raspberry Pi Zero – it’s a REAL computer…
    There’s a new Raspberry Pi and it’s free with the print edition this month! Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 / £4 computer. Learn to code while playing Minecraft (or do just about anything else you can dream up)


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