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  • Das offizielle Raspberry Pi Magazin (englisch) – The MagPi, Ausgabe: September, 2020
    • 3D Printing & Making.

    • DOSBox-X legal game emulation

    • Flash photography with the HQ Camera.

    • Extend your Home Music system. 

    • Build a Home Monitoring Dashboard.

    • Control a Raspberry Pi 4 with an iPad Pro. 

    • Build a touch display called Tap-an-LED. 

    • Code Gauntlet’s four-player co-op. 

    • Discover the great CrowPi2 electronics kit. 

    • Space exploration at home with our M.A.R.S Rover review. 

    • The 10 Best starter kits. 

    • Learn Scratch 3 with our resources. 

    • Alan O’Donohoe interview. 

    • Discover the Oktoberfest Pinball Machine. 

    • Spin the RadioGlobe. 

    • Display art with the Retro Gaming NES frame. 

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