Handheld-Oszilloskop: SainSmart – DSO Note II (DSO 202)

  • Hersteller: SainSmart
  • Typ: Handheld-Oszilloskop (Fertiggerät)
  • Modell: Note II DSO 202
  • Herstellerlink: Note II DSO 202


  • Analog bandwidth:1MHz
  • Max sample rate:10MSa/s
  • Max sample memory depth:8K
  • Analog input impedance:1MΩ
  • Max input voltage: ±40V( X1 probe)
  • Coupling:AC/DC
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 20mv/Div~10V/Div (stepping in by 1-2-5mode)
  • Horizontal sensitivity:1uS/Div~2S/Div 1-2-5stepping ‰
  • Math waveforms: –A,-B ,A+B ,A-B ,RecA ,RecB ,RecC
  • Triggering Mode: Auto ,Normal ,Single ,None ,Scan
  • Rising/Falling Edge Trigger
  • Vertical precise,Horizontal Precise Measurement
  • Waveform Functions Auto measurement: frequency,cycle time, duty cycle, peak voltage, RMS voltage, Average voltage and DC voltage
  • Signal Generator/10Hz~1MHz square wave(duty adjustable) or 10Hz~20Khz Sine/Square/Triangle/Sawtooth wave
  • U disk Waveform storage of 8MB,can store waveform data and waveform image
  • Power supply internal 550mAh Lithium battery/external USB port
  • Display Full Color TFT LCD(320X240 pixels)
  • Capacitive touchscreen: support input by finger sliding
  • Dimension (100mm X 56.5mm X 10.7mm)

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